Hello and welcome to Snipegrass-Cartoons.

This is a new beginning and we stand tottering on the edge of a bright new future sort of willing to take a giant leap into the great unknown.
We hope you like what we do and we are trying to make our cartoons to have as broad an appeal as possible but we will be tackling sensitive topics and wrestling with moral dilemmas as well. A lot of our stuff will be borderline(and outright) offensive to some people.

If you are offended by any of our cartoons you will not be alone,for being offended at cartoons is as old as the images themselves. (heaven help any ancient egyptian if he wrote eyeliner is for girls and hey Pharoah put on some clothes on a wall for he might have been put sitting on a pyramid) Chief hater of cartoons Adolf Hitler used to foam at the mouth and chew the carpet when the allied newspapers printed humorous images of him.(snipegrass cartoons are not as yet comparing any of our critics to Adolf by the way) It is now widely believed by modern medical science that chewing floor coverings especially Lino and foaming at the mouth can be unhealthy and is not recommended.

Everything you see that is not watermarked is free of charge and just for you! As for the rest i,m afraid we have to make a living and we can hear you say” Iknow, i know,but you are charging us money for tacky images done by a crazy man living on a bog with a few sheets of paper and markers what a swizz!” o.k. so Marty Morrisey is spelled wrongly and our beloved Taoiseach is a bit crooked but things will improve with time. To justify this there is an old adage that I have always believed in “ If you can,t find it within yourself to be a good man, at least just be a man” I hope this has clarified things for you and for a more detailed explanation please look at the Dis Claimer.

Hope you enjoy it,

Robert McGowan
Commander in Chief